Heat Shrink Safety Seals for Bottles and Jars

Safety seals are PVC heat shrink neck bands. They are applied to the lids or caps of bottles. It provides a tamper evident seal that stays on the product until after purchase.

These cut bands go over the cap and neck of the bottle to protect it from being opened. The seals are a good way to make your product tamper resistant.

If you are applying the shrink seals with an automated machine, we also have roll stock.  

Safety seal preforms are available for plastic tubs and deli tubs.

A full body shrink sleeve can be used as a safety seal on a jar.




Other shrink safety seal uses:

Barbecue Sauce-BBQ   Perfed Neck Bands   Spice Bottles and Jars
Cocktail Mixes   Sealed for Protection   Vitamin and Pill Bottles
Colored Neck Bands   Shampoo - Cosmetic Bottles   Woozy Bottles
Hot Sauce