Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum order?
No order is too small. Please call us or fill out the "How May We Help?" form.

What do I need to know before calling to order heat shrink bands?
The diameter of the product and the length that you would like the shrink band.  The type of bottle or container is also helpful.  We recommend sending your product to GlobalPak for accurate sizing and a guaranteed fit.  The product will be sent back with free samples!

What stock sizes are carried for shrink bands and preforms?

GlobalPak’s PVC roll stock is inventoried in clear and a rainbow of standard colors as well as generic printed bands. Pre-forms are stocked in clear and clear with red generic print.  Custom graphics, special colors and perforations are available upon request.

Can I do a custom printed shrink band?

Yes, custom printing is available upon request. Please call for more details.

How do you apply the PVC shrink bands?
Simply open the shrink band and place it on the bottle opening.  The shrink band should have a 5mm over hang on the top of the bottle.  Touch with a heat gun or place in a heat tunnel.

Do you provide both full and partial heat shrink sleeves labels?
We provide both. The full body sleeve is a heat shrink label and tamper evident band all in one. This provides 360 degree graphics. The consumer can open the shrink seal, remove the lid, and the label remains on the container. We also provide partial body sleeves.

Can you apply the bands to my product?
Yes, our contract sleeving department can take care of this for you. We do sleeving projects of all sizes. Our large orders are automatically applied and the smaller orders can be manually applied.

What industries use PVC heat shrink bands?
Any company that wants to make their product tamper evident or multi-packed can use them.  We service the pharmaceutical, health & beauty, food & beverage, hardware, automotive, and industrial business sectors. Items include fresh foods, gourmet foods, candies, candles, dairy, cosmetics, specialty items, and many more!