A Product For Any Application

Regardless of your reason for considering shrink bands- whether it be for tamper-evident protection, an easy way to bundle products together, or even just as a solution to label a unique-shaped container- GlobalPak has you covered!

With unique shrink sleeve product lines, we’ve got a shrink sleeve solution for any product packaging need you might have.

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Heat Shrink Neck Bands are applied as a sleeve around the neck, cap, or lid of a product and shrunk to the unique shape of the container. A Neck Band’s primary function is to provide tamper-evident protection.

Combo Bands, also known as multi-pack bands, are shrink sleeves that hold together two-or-more items. A Combo Band’s primary function is to bundle multiple items together to sell as one.
Preforms are partially shaped or “pre-formed” to fit your unique product (with a built in lip and skirt), applied, and then shrunk until snug. A preform’s primary function is to provide tamper-evident protection.

Our custom printed shrink sleeves offer 360-degree, top-to-bottom, labeling for any shaped product. A shrink sleeve’s primary function is to maximize label design space on a container and make your product tamper-evident.

Shrink Roll Stock Tubing is shrink material provided on a whole roll for use with a high speed automated labeling equipment. Our roll stock is inventoried in clear, generic printed, and a rainbow of standard colors.

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About GlobalPak

GlobalPak is a supplier of tamper-evident shrink products. Our high-quality shrink film consists of PVC and PET-G materials at competitive pricing.

Our bands, seals, and sleeves are eye-catching in appearance. They help make your product tamper-proof. Product safety is an important factor within the packaging industry.

Choose from our product section of neck bands, roll stock, preforms, combo band, or shrink sleeves. As a service to our customers, we also offer contract sleeving.