Shrink Terminology

Heat Shrink Combo Band / Multi Pack Band

A shrink band holding two or more products together, offering them as one product.


Polyethylene terephthalale glycol (film material)

PVC Body Sleeve / Label

Shrink material conforming to the shape of a container from top to bottom with 360 degrees of available print area.

Layflat (LF)

Width of dimension of tubing from left to right.


A unit of linear measure equal to one millionth of a meter


A tamper evident band that is opened and formed. It is ready to be placed on top of a container. It is not flat & has a preformed lip that lays over the shape of the container (usually a lid).

Cut Length

The height of a cut band.


Polyvinyl Chloride (film material)

Neck band / Cut band

A pre-cut piece of shrink band that is applied to a cap or bottle. When shrunk with heat, it provides a tamper evident seal (Used by food and pharmaceutical industries).


(mm) 1/1000 of a meter (0.03937 inch).


Small holes in the shrink material providing easy removal.


The percent that shrink products will shrink when heat is applied.

Roll stock

Shrink material provided on a roll for use with an automated machine.

Cut stock

Individual cut shrink pieces that will be applied by hand.

T Perf 

A horizontal perf with a partial vertical perf.