Shrink Preforms

Ensuring product security and protection are of the utmost importance to manufacturers. When attempting to secure a product that is hard to seal, manufacturers often turn toward shrink sleeve preforms.

Shrink Sleeve preforms are formed to a certain size with a built in lip and skirt. They are applied by placing the preform over the container’s edges and applying heat until they are snug (immobilizing the lid of the container and preventing the product from being opened).

Shrink sleeve preforms are favored by manufacturers as they are:

  • convenient and customizable
  • unable to be tampered with discreetly
  • easy for the consumer to remove
  • perfect for hard-to-seal containers

Here at Global Pak, we offer a wide array of these tamper-evident preforms- both transparent and colored.

Convenient and Customizable

Preforms are both convenient to use and customizable to fit any sized container. Since preforms are already pre-formed to the container, they require no technical ability to use.

Unable To Be Tampered With Discreetly

Heat Shrink Preforms cannot be tampered with discreetly; consumers can easily tell if they have been broken or removed and they cannot be easily reapplied.

Easy For The Consumer To Remove

However, once a product has been purchased, a consumer can easily remove the heat shrink preform by cutting the plastic. (For even easier removal, perforation can be added to the preform as well.)

Perfect For Hard-To-Seal Containers

Heat Shrink preforms are the perfect solution for a difficult to seal container as they are pre-formed to fit the exact measurements of the container and therefore create a perfect seal when heated.

Heat Shrink preforms are manually applied around the lid on a container. Heat is applied using a heat gun or heat tunnel until the preform fits snug around the container.

Heat Shrink preforms are often found of products such as: fundraiser/holiday popcorn tins, deli meats, dairy products, and fruit/veggie trays.