Custom Printed Shrink Sleeves

Creating a custom-high quality label that reflects the branding of a product is of the utmost importance to manufacturers. One popular option for doing so that optimizing the area of the container is a shrink sleeve label.

Shrink Sleeve labels are applied around either a portion or the entirety of a container and shrunk to its unique contours providing 360 degree coverage wherever it is applied.

Shrink Sleeve labels are favored by manufacturers as they:

  • allow for labeling of unique shaped containers
  • have tamper-evident protection
  • optimize the design potential for labeling a product

Here at Global Pak, we offer a wide array of scuff-resistant shrink sleeve labels- all with the availability of a full color design. Options for our shrink sleeve labels include vertical, horizontal, or T-perfs, Matte finish, and heat activated adhesive. They can be shipped as cut pieces or roll stock.

Allow For Labeling Of Unique Shaped Containers

Unlike other labeling options, shrink sleeves are actually custom formed to the unique shape of their container; therefore, whereas other labeling options have restrictions on the type of container they work well with, shrink sleeve labels are a viable option for almost all containers.

Have Tamper-Evident Protection

Shrink Sleeve labels inherently offer tamper-evident protection in the same way a shrink sleeve neck band does. Click here to learn more.

Optimize The Design Potential For Labeling A Product

Shrink sleeve labels offer 360 degrees of top to bottom coverage of a product, optimizing the design area for a label unlike other labeling options.

Heat Shrink sleeve labels are either applied by hand or machine and then heat shrunk by a heat shrink tunnel. If you’re in need of shrink equipment, click here.

Heat Shrink Sleeve labels are so versatile that they can be seen on a wide array of products. A few examples of products that may feature a shrink sleeve label are: water bottles, wine bottles, soap containers, beer cans, etc.

Lay Flat Sizes: 20mm to 250mm

Thickness: .40, .50, & .70 micron

Shrinkage %: PVC- Medium Shrink: 10% to 45%; High Shrink: 10% to 63%, PETG- 10% to 74%