Heat Shrink Neck Bands - Cut Bands

Heat Shrink Neck Bands are manually applied around the neck, cap, or cover lid on a container. Heat is applied using a heat gun or heat tunnel until the band fits snug around the container. This is a cost-effective way to provide tamper-evident protection to products.

Our seamless neck bands are clear, color, or custom printed on clear and colored PVC film.

Options include:

  • Pull tabs
  • Perforations: horizontal, vertical (single or double)
  • Cut or on rolls

Our inventory includes clear, colors, and standard print (“Sealed for your Protection”). With our high sales volume, stock is rotated frequently.

Uses of PVC heat shrink cut bands are bottle caps and container lips. Product examples include: sauces, dressings, condiments, drum sticks, ball bats, prescription drugs, home and garden, and many others.

Technical Information

Lay flat dimensions:     
Clear - 25mm to 560mm
Color – 35mm to 151mm
Made to spec

Clear - .50 micron
Color - .50 to .70 micron

Moderate - 10% to 45%
High – 10% to 63%


Other neck band uses:

Barbecue Sauce-BBQ   Perfed Neck Bands   Spice Bottles and Jars
Cocktail Mixes   Sealed for Protection   Vitamin and Pill Bottles
Colored Neck Bands   Shampoo - Cosmetic Bottles   Woozy Bottles
Hot Sauce