Shrink Wrap Combo Bands

Shrink Combo Bands (multi pack bands) provide a way to put two or more items together in one package. It is a great way to help move additional products.

PVC heat shrink combo bands are made using clear or color material with the option of custom printing. They can be ordered in a wide range of sizes.

Products are held together on the shelf with the multi pack bands. They remain on the product until removed by the consumer after purchase.

Uses Include

  • Promotional and seasonal items
  • Promote trial size with another product
  • Two for the price of one offer
  • Give a gift with a purchase item
  • Promote slow moving stock

Technical Information
Lay flat dimensions:     
Clear - 25mm to 560mm LF
Color – 35mm to 151mm
Made to spec    

Clear - .50 micron
Color - .50 to .70 micron

Moderate - 10% to 45%
High – 10% to 63%

Also known as: promotional wrap, printed PVC sleeves, printed multi packs, multi pack shrink sleeves, promotional multi packs, multi pack bags, combo packs.