Shrink Combo Bands

Offering products in a group or bundle is a great way for manufacturers to increase sales volumes and move bulk inventory. When bundling products together, these manufacturers often turn toward shrink combo bands (also referred to as multi-pack bands).

Shrink combo bands are applied around multiple products and shrunk to create one single bundle. The bands then remain on the products until removed by the consumer after purchase.

Shrink combo bands are favored by manufacturers as they are:

  • the easiest way to bundle multiple products together
  • easy for a store to shelve
  • easy for the consumer to remove
  • fully customizable (and available in full color or clear)

Here at Global Pak, we offer a wide array of these shrink combo bands made using clear or color material (with the option of custom printing. They can also be ordered in a wide range of sizes.

The Easiest Way To Bundle Multiple Products Together

Multi-pack bands are the easiest way to bundle products together for retail sale. Unlike coupons that can urge a consumer to pick up a complimentary item for instant savings, shrink combo bands already combined the product into one packaging to be sold at the same discounted bundle rate.

Easy For A Store To Shelve

Multi-pack bands are incredibly easy for a store to shelve and don’t take any additional effort for the employee to stock.

Easy For The Consumer To Remove

Once a multi-pack banded product bundle product has been purchased, a consumer can easily remove the heat shrink neck band by cutting the plastic. (For even easier removal, perforation can be added to the band.)

Fully Customizable

With multi-pack bands, the sky is the limit. All customizing that is available for normal shrink packaging is also available for multi-pack bands (including full color).

Heat shrink combo bands have tons of uses ranging including:

  • Promotional and seasonal items
  • Promote trial size with another product
  • Two for the price of one offer
  • Give a gift with a purchased item
  • Promote slow moving stock

Lay flat dimensions: Clear – 25mm to 560mm LF, Color – 35mm to 151mm, Made to spec

Thickness: Clear – .50 micron, Color – .50 to .70 micron

Shrink: Moderate – 10% to 45%, High – 10% to 63%