Shrink Wrap Preforms

Preforms are formed to a certain size with a built in lip and skirt. They are applied by placing the pre-form over the container edges and applying heat until they are snug.

Shrink wrap preforms secure caps to bottles and lids to containers. They are economical and require no technical ability to use.


Convenient – easy and fast to apply
Made for various sizes and shapes (round, square, rectangular, and irregular shape)
Provide a tamper evident seal
Customized to fit any size
Perfect for hard to seal container
Optional: perforation

Both transparent and colored preforms are available (Max 4 colors/side).


  • Deli     
  • Dairy
  • Fruit Trays

Technical Information
Flat Width:     
35mm to 650mm
.04mm to .08mm
Shrinkage %:     
MD 5 to 13    
TD 50 ±


Preforms for deli containers